Why buy from Rod N Realty inc ?

  Investing in real estate is the smartest  investment for lots of obvious reasons, such as:

                  Real Estate creates more millionaires than any other industry

                  Cash Flow or monthly income

                 Tax Benefits

                 Principal Pay down if financed 


  Unfortunately that is not the case all the time especially when things start to break. Imagine  you just close on your first investment property, you expect it to be smooth sailing at least for a while and then you end up with one problem after an other, such as sewer back up, roof leak, mold, defective appliances ,  the list goes on......   that experience could be very disappointing .  

     We are so excited to inform you that we have great news for you ! 

    when you buy from  Rod N Realty

we guarantee you 1 year warranty on plumbing, refrigerator, stove, sewer, 

Outside Sewer Line Protection: up to $8,500
, Outside Water Line Protection: up to $5,500 

Gas Line Protection: up to $2,500  Electric Line Repair: $2,000, Plumbing Protection: up to $2,000 ,  Heating: up to $2,000  Air conditioning: $2,000

Water Heater: up to $2,000,  Washer and dryer: $2,000 .

This is an extraordinary saving that will give you peace of mind and guarantee you success in your real estate dream.

This offer is only for a limited time.

Act fast this offer expires in 30 days 

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